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          Double-braking Pneumatic Winch 50×12

          ////Double-braking Pneumatic Winch 50×12

          Double-braking Pneumatic Winch 50×12



          Items Parameters Messurement Unit
          Rated Working Pressure 0.6-0.8 MPa
          Rated Full Force 50 KN
          Rated Cable Speed 12 m/min

          Piston Air Motor

          Model TMH17
          Rated Power 17 KW
          Air Consumption 247 L/s


          Diameter 222 mm
          Width 335 mm
          Wheel Rim Diameter 465 mm
          Cable Diameter 16 mm
          Cable Storage 120 m
          Air Inlet Diameter 1 1/4 inch
          Configuration ( Length* Width* Height) ) 1200mm*920mm*989mm
          Weight 498 KG
          Brake Type ?Hand Brake and Foot Brake


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