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          Tel: +86 23 68623758 Mobile: +86 153 2033 9095|info@iteton-machinery.com
          About Us2018-08-26T10:08:01+00:00

          Our services? to customers

          We aim to provide a high quality service which satisfies all customer enquiries, where and whenever required, by?giving clear, accurate information and advice.

          Chongqing Iteton Machinery has extensive products which meet the various requirement of customers
          from Lifting Equipment, Mining Machinery, Material Handling Equipment, Construction Machinery and Tools

          Iteton Machinery provides one-stop service to satisfy customer’s various needs,
          and customers can be ensured that they’re able to find products timely and easily.

          Iteton Machinery has a group of professionals with passion,enthusiasm and ambition that they can serve customers quickly and effectively.

          Iteton Machinery Will Be Your Best Partner And Solution Provider You Can Trust

          7/24 service

          We’re committed to delivering a first-class service to all our customers. Our dedicated teams pride themselves on going above and beyond expectations.

          Customer feedback is crucial, as it helps us to continue to grow and improve our services across all channels. If you’d like to get in touch with any suggestions or comments

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